The Owners wanted an upscale salon that complimented their independent, industrial, artful brand.  The space was thoughtfully designed to reinforce the Diesel's image - "Art with Boundaries".  Although the space is relatively small, the mirror on the back wall opens up the space, by tricking the eye that the space continues a great distance beyond the actual wall.  Behind the front desk is a personalized custom wallpaper with signatures of the owners, family and stylist.  As patrons lie down to receive a hair wash they gaze at the steel trellis above, which red roped light delicately hang.  The mirrors were custom fabricated with steel frames which incorporate an area for a plant to blossom.  The retail was strategically placed and designed as a walk-around, to entice interaction.  The custom retail highlights products by displaying them on disappearing shelves.  All the small details make this a truly unique space – and big ‘bangs’ for the buck.